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Quotation for Today, Friday 27 February


“Media companies’concern with protecting copyright does not always include protecting authors.  Film studios, recording companies, software firms, and book publishers cite the need to protect creators when they lobby against digital piracy, but rarely say that they are simultaneously demanding that those creators surrender copyright in an unprecedented fashion.  Anecdotes about this practice are legion.  When I was recently asked to write a television script, the studio insisted that I sign four copies of an affidavit giving it all rights to my writing ‘throughout the Universe in perpetuity.’  I telephoned a studio lawyer to see if I could keep a few moons of Jupiter. The lawyer became angry and pointed to the section of the affidavit in which I recognized that the studio ‘becomes the Author of the Writer’s Work. We mean it,’ the lawyer said.”

Charles Mann, “Who Will Own Your Next Good Idea?”
The Atlantic Online, September1998

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    27/02/2009 08:43

    he he he!!!!


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    Nice info! Very cool post.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.


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