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The Inquiring Mind – Sitemeter stats to February


Sitemeter - stats - excludes my visits

Sitemeter - stats - excludes my visits

In some respects this all seems rather silly, but somehow the stats issue has got up my nose.

Therefore, I am publishing the Sitemeter stats which record a significantly lower visit count than the Statcounter reports.

Yet neither are completely accurate and do not take account of feeds, nor fully reflect time onsite.

  1. 04/03/2009 12:02

    RSS feed screw up all your stats completely, of course. They also tend to discourage people from commenting a little, especially if they are reading the feed on a PDA or cell phone.

    Having said that, Tim’s sterling effort each month gives you a reasonable idea of your audience. All blogs suffer the same problems with accurate stats, so a comparison gives you a better idea of your reach. I’m guessing here, but if you have your blog in the top 50 on Tumeke’s list, then you probably have a worthwhile audience, regardless of the number of comments you may get (Monkey, please take note!). If you stay below the 100 mark, you are undoubtably whistling in the dark. All of which is immaterial to you, Adam, as you are consistently in the top twenty. 🙂


  2. 04/03/2009 00:42



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