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Top posts last 7 days


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7 days ago Adam posted on the Top Five Blog posts at various intervals since The Inquiring Mind commenced.

A week ago these were:-

Top Five for the last 7 days

1 Kate Winslet wins Oscar

2 Kate Winslet: Vanity Fair interview

3 Matt Smith:Dr Who profiled

4 Pennsylvania Mud Wrestling

5 Section 92A Protest

Today the following are the:-

Top Five for the last 7 days

1 Cartoon for Today, Sunday 1 March

2 Matt Smith:Dr Who profiled

3 Are we all ISPs now

4 Pennsylvania Mud Wrestling

5 Swat Valley, Pakistan – the Taliban rule

Over time it will be interesting to note the changes, week to week and month to month.

One aspect Adam is trying to work out is why some posts attract more traffic over time, yet others with similar tags and on similar topics do not.

This focus on metrics/stats is not new, but it is only after a year that there is sufficient data, although the extent and structure of the data is not perfect.

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