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UK loses plot with regard to Muslims


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For all the problems besetting British Islam, however, there are plenty of individuals who exemplify at least part of the solution. Among them—at least until the recession makes it harder for strivers to climb out of poverty—are successful young professionals and entrepreneurs, often women, who have managed to fly high in business, medicine, accountancy or the media. “We have prevailed in a two-fronted struggle” against social conservatism and discrimination, says Saeeda Ahmed, the founder of a social-affairs consultancy in the north.

The above is the penultimate paragraph of an interesting Economist article on how the British government has lost the plot in regard to relationship with the Muslim community in Britain.

Indeed the final paragraph is chilling:-

But successful British Muslims as well as poor ones resent the fact that the rest of society often sees them mainly as potential extremists. Sarah Joseph, a convert to Islam who edits the glossy monthly Emel, says Muslims are fed up with being asked if they are against violence; they want people to know what they are for, such as social justice. The sad fact, in a country that has come to live in fear of terrorism, is that many Britons are indeed more interested in assessing Muslims’ potential for violence than in anything else about them.

The article itself makes for dispiriting reading.

  1. showmethetaxcut permalink
    08/03/2009 02:00

    The minute I hear that term “social justice” I turn of.


  2. 07/03/2009 10:14

    “But in Australia and the US,”

    Oops, that should be “NZ and the US”..



  3. 07/03/2009 10:12

    There are some observations that can be made, reasonably well supported by facts..

    The native populations of Europe are falling, quite dramatically in some cases, and they have felt they *need* Muslim immigration to help take out the garbage.. I certainly don’t get the feeling that the Brits and Europeans have much more aspiration for Muslims than that.

    But in Australia and the US, Muslims enjoy above average incomes and education. Aussie is a little more complex, but what problems it has seem to mainly come from Shiite Lebanese.

    These three countries have room, and a recent and ongoing history of immigration where Jack’s as good as his master. Perhaps that also means we are a bit more choosy about our immigrants.. except for some groups of refugees, and we don’t have a critical mass of disaffected Muslims.

    To me, Europe seems slightly racist in it’s policies and expectations of immigrants and is alternatively fearful and dismissive of them.. there’s no general expectation that they’ll become top citizens.. no “I don’t give a bugger how many times a day you pray to Allah.. so long as you produce as many widgets as the next guy.”

    Another thing.. immigrants are attracted to the left wing parties of the Western world and where they are preyed on mercilessly by the likes of George Gallaway and Helen Clark. They rarely move out of the immigration cities of the US Northeast, Auckland and Sydney and increasingly form the exploitable rump of of the left where they are encouraged to *not* assimilate.

    Somewhere in all of this are both the reasons to hope or despair of immigration.



  4. 06/03/2009 22:56

    But Lord knows how those misguided Brits started associating Islam with terrorism, despite the efforts of the ZanuLiarbore government.


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