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Bluff Oysters: superb


This morning got up late as had not slept very well. Around 10:30 a.m. went out for the Sunday ‘papers’. Settled for the HoS, the Holmes promotion sheet, and the Sunday Star Times, journal of fantasists.

As Adam was proceeding homeward, as plod would say, he espied that both the local Chinese ‘fush & chups’ takeaways were promoting Bluff oysters.

So instead of going home Adam proceeded, in Broad parlance, in a southerly direction to John’s on the Esplanade in Petone. There he procured 2 dozen Bluff Oysters for Mrs Smith and Adam. They were surprisingly reasonable given some of the press comment earlier. However, they will not be a daily nor weekly occurrence in the Smith household this year. Most unfortunately.

Mrs Smith was of course delighted with the surprise purchase. Then to Adam’s surprise she suggested we have some deep fried in batter, as co-incidentally she had just that morning come across a batter recipe in an old Digby Law book.

So it came to pass, we mixed up some Digby Law Basic Batter, supplemented with the remnant of some fresh mayonnaise, essentially egg, dipped the oysters in the batter and fried these in some Rice Bran Oil.

Boy, did we have a great result. Oysters in an excellent light batter, accompanied by some Pinot Gris. Absolutely superb.

Can thoroughly recommend Rice Bran Oil, low cholesterol, high smoke point, minimal flavour taint.

Adam still likes Bluff Oysters in the bluff, with some Tabasco and Balsamic.

Refer also to BB for expert testimony. After all as the Roarprawn she knows all, Adam only inquires. (Irony)

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  1. lucy permalink
    10/03/2009 19:47

    You can go right off people you know. I havent had ANY (bluff oysters of course)yet!!!!!


  2. Pointer2 permalink
    08/03/2009 16:30

    And despite the price of around $2 each, this is the best year in a long time. A fine vintage.


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