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Quotation for Today, Monday 9 March


But just as the department’s culture has to change, so too does ours. The concept that it’s OK to rip off the “system” is prevalent – among all socio-economic groups. The poor and the disenfranchised see it as their God-given right to receive ACC payments because the world owes them a living; the upwardly mobile professionals are just as sweet about having ACC pay for their physiotherapy sessions and their taxi rides to six-figure paying jobs because they never get anything for free so why not make the most of it?

This idea that we’re somehow getting something for nothing has been shown as the sham that it is with the revelation that we will all have to pay to cover the shortfall and keep the system going.

Kerre WoodhamHerald on Sunday – March 8, writing about ACC.

Are we seeing a social change with the fall of the ancien regime? Interestingly Woodham refers to the department and not the ACC as such. Perhaps opening ACC up to competition, or even establsihing it as an SOE with perhaps a 30% public shareholding may achieve much of the change sought.

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