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Thanks to Tim Selwyn at Tumeke! for the word.

In the absence of matters concrete some of us, including Adam, are dribbling on about metrics.

We now have a variety of rankings – Tumeke!, HalfDone, Open Parachute.

So Adam hesitates to introduce yet another. However, in looking at Tumeke! rankings, which personally Adam prefers overall, one cannot help but be struck by a number of factors. Many blogs in the Top 35, after which Adam could not be bothered doing the analysis, are in fact collectives.

Public Address is in fact several blogs so the numbers are an aggregation. It is not one blog.

So in an idle moment Adam went through the Top 35 blogs in the Tumeke! blog rankings as at end January 2009 and produced a list of blogs run by one author.

To run a blog as a ‘blogger sole’ is hard work. To run one that successfully competes with the collectives is damn hard work.

Therefore, step forward for the inaugural blogger sole listing of NZ political, news and current affairs blogs. Drumroll please!

1 Kiwiblog

2 WhaleOil

3 DimPost

4 No Right Turn

5 Poneke

6 Homepaddock

7 New Zeal

8 Roarprawn

9 Cactus Kate

10 The Inquiring Mind

11 Open Parachute

12 Hot Topic

13 Radical cross stitch Error per comment below, everyone below move up 1

14 Something should go here, maybe later

15 Fundy post

16 Put’em all on an island

17 whoar

18 Anti-Dismal

19 MacDoctor

20 The Persuader

21 Dear John

22 Keeping Stock

Special thanks to the Top 4 for their efforts as each of them is in the Top 10 of blogs in the Tumeke! listing.

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    20/03/2009 20:33


    One of the things that intrigues me is when you compare some of the Alexa rankings with reported stats.

    I currently run Sitemeter and Statcounter.

    Sitemeter gives me the lower number and that is the one I give to Tim Selwyn.


  2. 20/03/2009 20:29

    Lots of murk.
    I agree with your single blogger opinions. Until recently it was just me with a couple of posts a month from friends. Since FFM joined the traffic has gone up and the pressure has eased off me. he is only posting at my place until I have finished his template so will be back to solo blogging soon.
    I run stat counter and my data from them is actually pretty close to what alexa claims with regard to international visitors.


  3. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    20/03/2009 20:19


    Your post provoked me into some analysis of my own.

    Once you start down the analysis path you find some murk.

    Just looking at the Tumeke! stuff raises a number of questions.


  4. 20/03/2009 19:47

    Perhaps if it was called the VVS?
    More to come on that one Adam.. My little teaser has been taken up by some very clever sneaky bastards who will hopefully reveal how it was done in the next week or so.
    Just let google be your guide and you will see what they have been doing.


  5. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    20/03/2009 19:38

    Barnsley have you found your Indians?

    Maybe they thought the VDS was a cricket blog?


  6. 20/03/2009 19:14

    Poneke was depressed and threw himself under a steam engine. He is now chuffed to bits.


  7. 19/03/2009 23:57

    Thanks for putting me on your list but I shouldn’t be there. There’s two other people who write for They don’t post very frequently but they do post. Hoorar to all the people ranked after me 🙂


  8. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    19/03/2009 21:58


    I am reminded of the immortal closing line to Billy Wilder’s film masterpiece

    Some Like It Hot


  9. 19/03/2009 21:51

    I considered factering in the number of bloggers, but some pointed out that many blogs have one or two bloggers doing 90% of the posts, with others chipping in only every once in a while.


  10. 19/03/2009 21:48

    Nice to be in the top twenty, Adam!

    And, yeah, what has happened to Poneke, I wonder?


  11. 19/03/2009 21:27

    I like your list, it puts me higher than any other I have seen!! And you’re right, sole blogging can be a bit rough at times.


  12. Heraclides permalink
    19/03/2009 21:07

    One I’m a bit curious about is poneke, rated at #5, but, as far as I know, it hasn’t been running at all over the past month or so. It is a good blog when it’s around, but it seems to periodically disappear, only to reappear later.



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