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What has happened to Poneke?


What  has happened to Poneke?

Adam misses his musings on trolley buses and airplane incidents? In addition his erudite comments on life in general and the delights of Wellington are sorely missed.

Access to his blog is denied. Nothing appears on the RSS feed.

Has Poneke given up?

Hopefully he is not ill, or suffering some misfortune.

  1. tepuni permalink
    25/03/2009 18:05

    Yes I agree I really enjoy reading the Poneke blog. Hope it continues. I have e-mailed the author but no response perhaps he’s just too busy at present. I hope there is nothing wrong as this blog is interesting and informative


  2. rgm44 permalink
    23/03/2009 17:00

    I have the same problem (and registration.) What happened to the easily accessed site with all the interesting comments about Wellington’s trolleybuses (not to mention A320s?)


  3. Jason permalink
    23/03/2009 12:08

    Yeah, I’ve been looking for some forum to bring this up! There’s no note or anything, just a login page. Now I have a registration with WordPress which I will never use again.

    There are a bunch of bloggers around that seem to know Poneke personally.. they might have more information?


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