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A short while back Adam blogged on comments by Kerre Woodham in respect of reactions to the position of the Catholic Church in respect of a Brazilian girl, aged 9, raped repeatedly by her stepfather. The girl, aged 9, became pregnant. Doctors recommended abortions, which were performed else the child would have died. The Church excommunicated the doctors and the mother, but not the rapist.

What was interesting were comments by New Zealanders quoted by Kerre:-

When I raised this story on my talkback show, more out of sorrow and anger than any expectation that it would prompt debate, a woman started quoting vast tracts of the Bible at me.

In between she said she wasn’t a Catholic but she wholeheartedly supported the decision because she, too, thought that – and I paraphrase – child rape was better than abortion.

What she said was rape was a lesser crime than murder, but you get the drift. She finished by quoting Genesis and thundering that God said we should go forth and multiply and that proved the girl should have carried the twins to term.

She wasn’t alone. Another (woman) caller said the birth of twins would be a cleansing experience for the girl after the horror of the rape. Cleansing?! We’re talking about a 9-year-old carrying to term twins conceived from rape.

Recently the Dominion Post ran an editorial remarking on this issue and others.

Just to clarify the Dominion Post did not support, indeed, how could any rational person support the Church, in these matters. Though some wing-nuts have appeared.

Today Adam came across this letter to the editor:-

Letters to the Editor - Dominion Post - 30 March

Letters to the Editor - Dominion Post - 30 March

Leaving aside the issue of welcoming back clearly anti-semitic bishops into the bosom of Mother Church, let us focus on this part of the letter:-

On kindness

On kindness

When Adam read this, he was first of all astounded and then he was appalled. Then he was sad, but finally he was very angry that someone could assume it was a kindness to make a 9 year old child carry these babies, in the knowledge of her probable if not certain death. What sort of person sees that as a kindness.

The sort of person who gives religion and Christianity a bad name.

On the presumption that the writer calls herself a Christian – MAY YOU ROT IN HELL.

  1. SimonD permalink
    02/04/2009 11:54

    Yet another reason why religion is doomed to irrelevancy in the long term. Amazing that the more committed religous types still carry an air of moral superiority when acts like this make their own positions morally untenable.

    Extrapolating current rates of religous decline from the last NZ census, religous belief will come to be regarded as a quaint historical absurdity in the year 2031. The sooner the better I say !


  2. Colin Lucas permalink
    31/03/2009 16:40

    It’s a bit of a shocker.
    I had thought that we in New Zealand were an enlightened society but the letters you have highlighted and other things going on suggest to me that sadly we are not.


  3. 31/03/2009 00:04

    I’ve seen a lot of inane blogging around the issue, but hadn’t yet seen people writing in to newspapers. The effort! I’m glad you posted this. You’re right to call it what it is.


  4. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    30/03/2009 20:37


    The newspaper was against the church. My apologies if I mis-represented the issue.

    I still find it very difficult to contain my anger though over the woman who wrote the letter in support of the church decision


  5. 30/03/2009 20:30

    Oh wow. I hadn’t heard about editorials in support of the Church’s decisions. Some people are such idiots that you have to wonder how they manage to breathe in and out on a regular basis.


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