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Helen Clark Iron Lady -No bloody way


Yesterday the SST had an article by Anthony Hubbard entitled Iron lady Helen Clark has steel for global challenge. This was essentially a puff piece on how great Helen Clark is.

Adam acknowledges that Iron Lady is a term applied to a number of strong willed female politicians. It was most famously applied to Margaret Thatcher by the Soviet media.

In no way can Helen Clark be compared to Margaret Thatcher. Adam was never a great fan of Maggie T, but she was truly the Iron Lady, unlike Teflon Helen. Helen, unlike Maggie, was not to Adam’s mind a true conviction politician. Helen was more interested in power. Maggie was truly of the There Is No Alternative (TINA) philosophy. Maggie would have known instantly that Winston was ‘not one of us’ and dealt to him accordingly.

Reading Hubbard’s article and looking at the Q&A transcript which has been commented on by several, Homepaddock, DPF, WhaleOil, amongst others it is clear that as Adam commented at Homepaddock – SuperHelen, the GLNZ :), demonstrates yet again the truth of Talleyrand’s famous observation in regard to the Bourbon Kings of France:-

‘They have learned nothing, they have forgotten nothing’

Oh and by the way the headline to the article demonstrates MacDoctor’s spam journalism thesis.

There is no evidence whatsoever of Helen Clark being an Iron Lady.

Iron ladies do not just move on. They exact retribution. Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, now they were Iron Ladies.

UPDATE: DPF takes a different tack and we complement each other.

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  1. 06/04/2009 17:39

    I was most upset at the comparison with Margaret thatcher.
    I can imagine Uncle helen would be too.
    Though for different reasons.


  2. 06/04/2009 17:00

    How soon they forget.

    The newsgroups and blogs used to note that when there was wet work to do, Helen left the country or hugged a sheep and Cullen did the job/took the flak.

    The facts are she patrolled the sidelines in the bad times, came to the forefront in the best economic circumstances seen in two generations and fell apart from 2006 on. She had 6-7 good years and is now watching as her legacy gets unraveled with blinding speed because it was unsustainable.




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