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Mildly Interesting Things


Just noticed that the hits for the last 7 days equal the hits for the whole of April last year.In fact the hits were twice those for the entire month of March last year and 10 times those for the 11 days of Feb 2008 the blog was in existence.

In fact not even mildly interesting really, but sometimes little things amuse little minds.

Incidentally, Adam has noticed that he is getting a few hits from some US referral site, as is roarprawn who in effect drew Adam’s attention to Although the Inquiring Mind had been getting some intermittent hits the last couple of weeks. Probably is similar to alphainventions.

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  1. 06/04/2009 12:52

    That Chondron is an interesting site – you do get a bit bleary-eyed though with all those blogs flashing past!


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