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Biofuels increase climate change


There is a delicious irony in this article at The Economist. Why you ask yourself? Well, the article details how the production of some bio-fuels in fact adds to global warming instead of aiding mitigation.

So the use of biofuel, or at least some would be of negative environmental impact. It also draws attention to the role of nitrogen related compounds on climate change. This is potentially of considerable impact in NZ, especially as nitrates are an issue in the environmental impact of farming, especially dairy.

The report concludes:-

This week Dr Townsend, and others involved in something called the International Nitrogen Initiative, are meeting in Paris to try to organise an international assessment of what is going on. This would do for nitrogen what the IPCC has done for carbon. To some, worries about nitrogen will doubtless seem to be no more than the latest environmental bandwagon. But the case of biofuels shows that without proper consideration of all greenhouse gases, not just CO2, it is too easy to rush headlong into expensive methods of mitigation that actually make things worse.

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