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Anti-racism conference, hypocritical talkfest


Having now taken the time to read the Durban I and Durban II Declarations a couple of thoughts come to mind.

These are that the documents are full of a lot of high sounding verbiage about the need to eliminate racism, xenophobia, intolerance etc. There is worthy language about education, indvidual freedoms, cultural diversity and freedom from oppression.

Stuff that very few would quarrel with.

Then let us realize that among the nations signing up to this are many who on any assessment do not allow many, if any, of the objectives and principles to be manifested in their countries.

Hypocrisy is one word which comes to mind.

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  1. Serum permalink
    22/04/2009 20:44

    “Hypocrisy is one word which comes to mind.”

    Farce would be another word that comes to mind.

    A farce because in spite of tinkering around the edges of the Durban II document purportedly making improvements to the text, it would be worse than useless because this would merely serve to sanitise the process of reaffirming the racist declaration of Durban I, a core mission of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), and confirmed by providing a platform for Ahmadinejad who, with grotesque pleasure, rubbed the participants’ noses in it.


  2. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    22/04/2009 20:06

    Actually laughter and the perahps despair as the realisation of such blatant hypocrisy sinks in.

    What is worse is that most of those nations boycotting the conference cannot claim the moral highground.

    For example it is a convenient figleaf for the USA to fulminate over Israel as it is a diversion from issues it has. Not so much over past slavery, but over treatment of immigrants especially Hispanics.

    In fact it should be remembered that Bush the Younger wished to remedy that situation but was knocked back, including by some Democrats.


  3. 22/04/2009 18:37

    Laughable would be the other. All those high sounding words and exactly zero action.


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