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A coup de grâce undoubtedly


Claire Trevett wrote in Friday’s Herald on Annette King’s selective use of extracts from Grey Power’s report on their initial meetings with various National Ministers.

Not entirely to Adam’s surprise Nick Smith came out as less than stellar:-

She first reads out his rendition of bumping into ACC Minister Nick Smith, who had not responded to their requests to meet.

“His face reddened, and with his head down the moment the lift arrived at the ground floor he took to his heels and was last seen hurrying away in the distance.”

Bill English was deputising for John Key and rather lamely answered the attack. Again Adam has cause to wonder why Smith seems to always attract such negative comment. He is not stupid, but he does seem to attract negativity from so many quarters.

Then it appears that Paula Bennett has not been paying court appropriately to Grey Power. Adam would suggest to Ms Bennett that she takes due account of Grey Power and genuflects appropriately else they might bring back Winston. Whether one likes it or not Grey Power are a major lobby group.

Unfortunately for Ms King who only tables in the House those extracts which make her case, Ms Trevett would appear to have a copy also for in closing her article she notes, perhaps somewhat archly, the following:-

Had English read the full report, he would have had a happier time. Grey Power described him as “very pleasant”, and Senior Citizens Minister John Carter as “one who can be trusted to get things done, rather than just talk about what needs to be done”.

Then the coup de grâce, and it is one  Trevett delivers superbly well:-

But the real killer English needed to take the wind out of King’s sails came in their verdict of the PM: “I found John Key much easier to talk to than the previous Prime Minister”.

Game, set, match to John Key. Adam’s bolding of the text.

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