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Ok, it’s Friday and Adam thought he would draw attention to some interesting posts elsewhere in the blogosphere.

In no order of preference:-

1. MacDoctor has an extremely interesting post on Melissa Lee and why John Key has exposed here to the dirty tricks squad (aka NZ Labour). read JC’s comment there as well.

2.Cactus Kate has a lengthy and informative post on the NZX, with a useful follow-up here.

3. Liberty Scott has a helpful post on the Waterview connection.(H/T David Farrar)

4. Liberty Scott exposes Labour hypocrisy on the tunnels issue.

5. Chris Trotter has a post about Russel the muscle. This was more thoughtful than many. Trotter slipped out of rant mode.

6. Matt at TVHE wonders about the wisdom of Bill English jawboning the banks.

7.Anita at Kiwipolitico highlights the fact that the Police do not just redact and delay the Brash email file, they are equally slow in releasing information on their progress in complying with the recommendations of the Bazley Commission. Anita is right to question why this does not get greater news traction.

8. Anti-Dismal shows the importance of trust in contracts.

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  1. 15/05/2009 15:22

    Actually the Police are really frustrating about all OIAs. IMHO there is a media story about why they are so constantly acting against the letter and spirit of the OIA and why their Ministers let them get away with it.

    The stories about Brash’s email and the Bazley report should stand or fall on their own merit. “Police redact document” is not a story, unless it is placed within the wider context.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      15/05/2009 16:11

      I agree, I mentioned the commonality of the redaction, simply because it is fact not because it was the story as such, but there should be a story in their tardiness over OIA, coupled with why they are not making better progress on Bazley.

      Though if they commonly redact files so they are meaningless then in the context of their OIA positioning it is a story.


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