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HP Day 27:One Day, Opshop


Opshop’s One Day with supporting vocals from Dianne Swann, The Bads.

When I started out on this venture – a piece of video for each day of NZ Music Month – it was spur of the moment stuff.

Yet whilst posting some well known stuff, at least I thought so, I have come across some other material that has opened my eyes to the depth and breath of talent in NZ.

I don’t like every piece I have found, but I have found many pieces that I will keep; plus a couple of bands I want to go and buy their CDs. This includes Black Seeds, great music guys. Opshop comes intgo this category as well. I already have the Runga sisters, or at least some of their CDs.

  1. 27/05/2009 10:20

    Agreed wholeheartedly Adam. If I may use an old sporting cliche, we certainly punch above our weight musically. There is some exceptional talent out there. Mind you, there is also some absolute crap!

    Shall we do it all over again next year?



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