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Andrew Sullivan on torture


Andrew Sullivan blogs on the use of torture by the Iranian regime and compares their use with the techniques favoured by Dick Cheney and his fellow neocons.

Sullivan makes the point that if the ‘confessions’ extracted by the Iranians are not credible, then surely by extension those obtained under the Cheny guidelines cannot be credible either.

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  1. 30/06/2009 20:53

    Sullivan is just being foolish over his hobbyhorse.

    The 911 Commission produced an avalanche of evidence that al Qaeda and those tortured, including video from Bin Laden himself, committed the outrage. Evidence from the handful of “tortured” people was a minor part of the story.

    The Iranians, on the basis of torture alone, are asserting that foreigners organised the protests.

    Sullivan has to totally ignore all the evidence, from torture, forensics, witnesses etc that made up the conclusions of the 911 investigation to make a direct comparison between Cheney and the mullahs.. and of course, he doesn’t dispute the findings of the Commission and strongly supported the War on Terror for years.



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