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Quotation for Today, Wednesday 1 July


Before Bush-Cheney, the tortured around the world knew that there was a place that didn’t do this, that there was a human civilization bigger and better than this. No longer.  And this is Cheney’s signal contribution to the twenty-first century: he has made the world much, much safer for torture – by people with fewer scruples than David Addington. And those fighting for freedom around the world will be the foremost victims of the neocons’ deployment of the “dark side”.

Andrew SullivanThe Atlantic

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  1. Ed Snack permalink
    02/07/2009 15:00

    Which is an absolute bullshit opinion, of course. Perhaps Sullivan’s legacy will be, the declaration that it is OK to make fun of Downs Syndrome children and their parents, as longs as you sufficiently hate them for the appeal to the US electorate.


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