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Turning a Corner?


This link is to an interesting NY Times graphic (series) which looks at various economic factors and cycles.

It is fascinating and compelling.

H/T Free Exchange

Yet if Posner got his way, Adam might not be able to make this link.

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One Comment
  1. 07/07/2009 18:53

    Posner is an idiot. He does not get the idea of “traffic” at all and seems to think that a link is somehow “stealing” his IP. That is very last century thinking. Nearly everything on the internet is high volume/low cost or highly specialised. If you want to make money, you have to figure out which is which. Although they can charge for some premium content, if they wish, newspapers, in general, will make money from the internet when they realise that the “circulation” of their web sites is massively larger than the circulation of the dead tree version and leverage it into advertising revenue.


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