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The Light Dawns – Reality Bites #70


Letters to the Editor - NZ Herald - 7 July

Letters to the Editor - NZ Herald - 7 July

This change, based Adam understands on the cost benefit or improvement resulting from the change would appear to be a clear case of Hutber’s Law.

Hutber’s Law states:-

that “improvement means deterioration”. It is founded on the cynical observation that a stated improvement actually hides a deterioration.

The term has seen wide application in business, engineering, and risk analysis. It was first articulated in the 1970s by Patrick Hutber, an economist and journalist working for The Sunday Telegraph in London.

In this case ‘improvement = cost saving’  hides service deterioration through reduction in collection points.

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  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    09/07/2009 21:48

    Ah, I thought that might be the case, but did not have time to go back and check.

    Hutber’s Law is even more apposite then


  2. Ed Snack permalink
    09/07/2009 20:35

    There’s more to it than reduced collection points, basically the cost is similar, only the DHB has shifted more cost onto GPs and patients, and the government indirectly. And it will be less convenient. A Wayne Brown special, the man is a classic practitioner of the fine art you describe.

    Don’t tell MacDoctor though, he has been saying what a good deal this is for Auckland, getting the incompetent and bloody minded incumbent out…


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