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Letters to the Editor - NZ Herald - 9 July

Letters to the Editor - NZ Herald - 9 July

One person’s perception is divorced from the perception of another.

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  1. F E Smith permalink
    11/07/2009 11:22

    I agree. Notwithstanding the fact that Jackson was obviously a very talented dancer and a competent singer, he was most definitely not a musical genius. What we saw was the front person of an effective and extremely good multimedia and marketing organisation, involving a myriad of extremely talented people.

    True musical genius can be seen mostly in Mozart, but I would agree with an argument that the others mentioned in the letter above could also qualify.

    I may be somewhat biased, however, due to my tastes in music!


  2. Ed Snack permalink
    10/07/2009 08:25

    I always thought that, as a singer and musician, Michael Jackson was an impressive dancer.


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