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Quotation for Today, Friday July 17


“I think there is a major problem when we have an immigration department which cannot understand there is a difference between a sushi bar and a fish and chip shop.

“Running a restaurant like ours, we need to have a good balance between staff who have good and intimate knowledge of Japanese food and those who can communicate with our customers.

“We do not have the resources to provide training for unemployed Kiwis who have absolutely no knowledge about Japanese food.”

Miyuki Sakairi, Manager ofAriake Restaurant and Sushi Bar, which has been open in downtown Auckland for almost 30 years, quoted in the NZ Herald on the difficulties many ethnic restaurants are having in employing expert chefs. She went on to note:-

Three Europeans and one Vietnamese were sent by Work and Income to fill waiting positions and a sous chef job. However, none could tell the difference between sushi and sashimi.

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