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Adam’s Wally of the Week #1


For the last few weeks Adam has been picking up on Tracy Watkins selection of wally of the week in the Saturday edition of the Dominion Post.

Well he has decided to venture out on his own and select his own Wally of the Week . This may not be every week, but it will be regular.

This week the recipient of the award was entirely self -selecting. For his selfless efforts in promoting himself tirelessly as an absolute wally with the Bruce Burgess episode and his desire to pay benefit to anybody regardless of their circumstances, we have

‘roll of drums’ – Phil Goff – Leader, but for how much longer, of the NZ Labour Party.

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  1. lucy permalink
    25/07/2009 15:39

    I am pleased that you have decided to ‘go it alone” I never did have any time for Tracy Watkins. I prefer your anaylisis to hers any day.


  2. 25/07/2009 12:58

    No surprise in Adam’s choice! We would actually like to see Phil Goff appointed as Leader of the Opposition in perpetuity 🙂


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