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The Saturday Rant – July 25 2009


Well here we are again. Another week has gone by and Adam is about to let go at the irritations and pinpricks little and perhaps not so little that have come to mind this last week.

First up this week

TVNZ Breakfast Show- Paul  Henry sent to New York

Apparently TVNZ is spending money sending Paul Henry to New York to interview Helen Clark for some reason.

Given that TVNZ is a communications company, why cannot they drag Clark into a studio and question her from here. If they must interview her at all.

Furthermore TVNZ have a reporter in the US, Tim Wilson, surely he could interview Clark.

A total waste of money by TVNZ.


S92 – Copyright

Earlier this year everyone got uptight about the Judith Tizard inspired legislation, yet although there has been MSM coverage, Adam has seen little indignation on the internet. Yet as Adam foresaw earlier in the year the big battalions of the film and music industries have merely re-grouped and renewed their attack.

In NZ it seems to Adam that we are about to captiualte when in other countries the blogosphere and it’s allies have been achieving greater success.

Why no furore this time round.

Has Adam missed something?


Hotel towels

Last week when Adam was in Auckland his hotel had one of those notices requesting that if you did not want your towel replaced so as to aid the environment please hang it on the towel rail.

Adam is firmly of the opinion that this has nothing to do with the environment, but is simply a ruse to make guests put up with grubby damp towels so the hotel can make more margin on the already over priced rooms by global standards.


Hotel Laundry

Now on his last trip Adam did not need to use the hotel laundry service as he was only away 2 nights, but on longer trips in the past he has frequently had to make use of hotel laundry services.

Now you can in many places in Australasia do your own laundry, but why if you have worked all day and are not travelling for any reason other than work, indeed even if you are, should you then do laundry and ironing?

What really gets Adam’s dander up on these occasions is the disproportionate cost for some items. Has anybody noticed for example how handkerchiefs can quite often be the most expensive item on a per sq cm basis? Why is that?

Interestingly some hotels in Australia where Adam has stayed offer regular business guests a discount on laundry. He has yet to see such offers in NZ.

Fifth and final item this week

Public Lavatories

Why are so many facilities of this nature so appalling in NZ. Even those in restaurants and bars are often quite dreadful.

Auckland Airport domestic terminal often seems to be especially dreadful.


Well everyone, that is it for this week. This Grumpy Man is signing off  in this regard until next Saturday.

Enjoy and let me have your views.

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One Comment
  1. Allan permalink
    25/07/2009 15:20

    Helen who ??? I certainly wont be watching the breakfast show if she is on it.
    NZ has been a much nicer place since she left. Her venomous mouth and vindictive political manner are certainly not missed. Long may she remain away from these shores.


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