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Adam’s Loser of the Week #1


Last week Adam did not get around to awarding the Loser medal, but he has decided to retrospectively award the medal.

Winner of Adam’s inaugural Loser of the Week was President Barack Obama for getting involved in the Gates affair.Not only did he comment, he made the asinine gesture of phoning the policeman involved. Just how stupid can you get? Talk about exerting pressure.

What makes this even more worrying is that this man is a lawyer and will be appointing judges, including Supreme Court Justices.

Very concerning.

  1. Serum permalink
    01/08/2009 19:19

    This President of the United States, by un-thoughtfully throwing his opinion at a local policing matter and over stepping the off-limit line of political interference, getting involved in a situation without even bothering to discover the facts and calling the police stupid, suggests a kind of automatous knee jerk reaction to the shrill strutting arrogance and narcissistic dog whistling of anti-racist ‘victim culture’ by Henry Louis Gates the recipient of an honest and understandable policing mistake. Perhaps, combined with the current obviously stage-managed small beer episode, loser of the week would be more than appropriate.



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