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BBQ weather?


Recent press and TV coverage of Helen Clark, then we see from today’s NZ Herald that she is on holiday in NZ. Yet she only took up the new job in April.

Adam notes the weather is pleasant, is she planning a BBQ?

  1. pdm permalink
    14/08/2009 18:34

    If she is in NZ then I am pleased t be in the UK.


  2. rocky permalink
    14/08/2009 16:47

    My mates sister is a friend of hers and according to her Clark spent more time in NZ than in the States during the first three months of her appointment.


  3. 14/08/2009 13:32

    I’d venture to suggest that plotting is underway around the fondue pot at Maryan Street’s place in Nelson 🙂


  4. alex Masterley permalink
    14/08/2009 11:01

    The weather is not good in Auckland, so she might be doing the BBQ thing in Wainuiomata or Christchurch. Then again sometimes Herne Bay has it’s own micro climate which makes BBQ’s attractive.


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