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An odd order of priorities


Bernard Hickey blogged at the NZ Herald on the way middle class people were rorting Working for Families. Yet this issue has gained very little traction in the media unlike the 160 odd families receiving high levels of the more traditional social welfare. The immediate reaction was to excoriate those involved. Bludger was one of the kinder expressions used by many.

The public applauded the fact that the Top 50 welfare recipients were to be audited, but there appears to be no corrresponding demand regarding the 9700 who arranged their affairs to gain more WFF money. Yet many were incensed that MPs and Ministers did a similar thing.

Hickey writes:-

one family was earning more than $167,000 a year from salaries from an employer and distributions from a family trust, yet was legally able to tell the Inland Revenue Department their taxable income was just $27,303.

They then claimed more than $10,000 in Working for Family payments

This family pays no tax and we pay them. Appalling. No public anger though.

More concern was expressed over the 160 welfare families and the fear they might be rorting than the disgraceful state of affairs that sees over 100,000 people on the DPB.

More energy and indignation is expended on the ‘Smacking’ referendum and related matters than on how we improve the economic state of the country.

There seems to be a rather odd order of priorities at work here.

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  1. 24/08/2009 21:06

    I don’t condone what they did but my anger is at the rules, not so much people playing the game. It is stupid to put middle and upper income earners on welfare.


    • 24/08/2009 22:51

      My ire is directed firstly at the politicians who put these rules in place. In both cases, the WFF and the Social Welfare recipients.

      Then it is directed at the MSM who stoked the fires, especially when it comes to the social welfare recipients.

      Finally I find it more than passing strange that we get so worked up over 168 beneficiaries, when there are 104,000 on DPB.

      We appear to accept people, large numbers of people, being on benefit as the norm, rather than examining why we cannot find gainful employment for these people.


  2. 24/08/2009 18:56

    There are several hundred thousand people earning over 60%, so the 10,000 families are likely to just be the extreme end of the rort.

    I mentioned this rort on the newsgroups and got very little response as well, so I guess I was uncomfortably close to the mark that this, or something like it, is a widespread practice.

    Still, its no worse than Cullen bribing the middle class with his $1000 to go into his Super scheme that will be partly paid for by those who can’t afford it.



    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      24/08/2009 19:36

      agree absolutely, the govt subsidy for Kiwisaver is a nonsense


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