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Quotation for Today, Monday 31 August


I cringe when I read overseas headlines proclaiming that despite New Zealand’s dreadful reputation for child abuse, we want to defy international trends and bring back pro-smacking legislation.

How to explain why we’d do this, especially if you talk about child murders like James Whakaruru or Nia Glassie?

Deborah Coddington – Herald on Sunday – 30 August

  1. 31/08/2009 09:55

    I too, cringe when I read yet another writer who confuses child abuse and neglect with smacking.. thats the height of ignorance.

    The police report on the anti-smacking law shows that in two years there were only 33 investigations on smacking and no prosecutions. But CYFS in a memo recorded about 117,000 notifications on child abuse and neglect in the last 12 months.

    By their own report the police, politicians and media have given conclusive proof that smacking is not a feature of child raising in this country, and by their many, many reports over the years CYFS and other authorities show we have a huge abuse problem. The sooner we appreciate these simple facts, forget about smacking and concentrate on the real issue the better.



  2. Ed Snack permalink
    31/08/2009 08:25

    Easy, explain (in a rather pedestrian voice) that “anti-smacking” is not causally related to excessive violence against young children, except largely in the negative. Also add that if they’re so small minded and foolish as to assume that it is normal disciplinary actions that are killing children then they seriously need to examine their own concepts of discipline.

    People who can’t understand that there is a difference should not be allowed near children in the first place.



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