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DomPost-Winston’s had his day


The Dominion Post has a good editorial today on Winston Peters.

Perhaps the overall sentiment can best be expressed in these 2 extracts from the start and the close.


New suit, same old flannel.Winston Peters’ self-imposed hibernation is over. The NZ First leader is back, grinning his trademark grin, bristling his trademark animosity at the media, thumping his populist tub and skittling straw men.


But the good that Mr Peters does comes at too high a price. He is too willing to demonise vulnerable groups for political capital and too unwilling to abide by the rules of the game. Voters should give him a simple message at the 2011 election. Perhaps it could be delivered by a sign: “Thanks but no thanks.”

Adam questions whether Peters really achieved anything.

What surprises Adam is the hankering some in the media seem to have for Peters, see the Sunday Star Times editorial.

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