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Tech Glitch #1 Gmail


Given ongoing Outlook issues including the fact that it is a resource hog and crashes frequently, Adam has been exploring using Google’s Gmail on a more extensive basis.

Today though he had problems accessing Gmail, but found from this UK Telegraph piece that Gmail appears to have crashed, again, on a global basis.

So Outlook is a constant problem and Gmail is not totally reliable.

God, no wonder Adam hates technology!

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    03/09/2009 09:05


    I run a 2 Gb RAM machine with XP, Outlook takes an age to load, hangs/freezes frequently and often consumes over 60% of my CPU capacity. Colleagues and friends experience the same problem.



  2. Colin Lucas permalink
    03/09/2009 08:11

    Thats odd. I use outlook almost exclusivley at home and at work and while things freeze from time to time, I think that is merely me using too many programs and thus system resources at once.
    I’ve also got one of the telecom T sticks so internet access isn’t a problem.


  3. Paul Corrigan permalink
    03/09/2009 06:50

    I don’t understand gmail. I can send e-mails to people with gmail addresses, and they get them, but e-mails to me from gmail get lost … disappearing to … where?


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