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The Phoney War and the Fall of France


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More from The Telegraph, including related articles.

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  1. Red Rosa permalink
    03/09/2009 16:20

    Great clip from the Telegraph.

    Reminds us that for Britain and France, the real war started on May 10 1940.

    Hitler’s panzer divisions rolled west, to achieve in three weeks what the Kaiser’s armies could not manage in 4 years – victory in France.

    Coincidentally, and providentially, Churchill took over as British PM the very day the offensive began. It was largely his decision that Britain would fight on, alone, until Germany attacked Russia in June 1941, and Japan attacked the US that December.

    It is very likely that if Halifax, or someone of that ilk, had succeeded Chamberlain as PM in May, Britain would have negotiated peace with Germany in July or August 1940. The consequences do not bear thinking about.


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