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Watkins on political blogs


Tracy Watkins posts at her blog. Yes she does post, although rarely. Her topic is must read political blogs.

Her blogs of choice in this regard:-

Kiwiblog – DPF :-

he seems to have lost his mojo. Back when Labour was in power, he did a sterling job of running issues and was the outlet for the voice of opposition. But nowadays he seems to be floundering over his purpose. Cheerleading is okay but it’s not why people started reading Kiwiblog.

WhaleOil, complete with photo:-

Utterly nihilistic and entertaining, though as a journalist, you had to seriously wonder whether it was worth the effort of pursuing some of his more half-baked news claims, given that as many didn’t stack up as did. But fun to read all the same. I haven’t taken at all to his new home on Gotcha – it’s a hotchpotch, frankly. I have no idea why he made the move but maybe he had too many lawyers breathing down his neck?

The Standard:-

They have picked up where Kiwiblog left off and do a good job of running issues as the voice of opposition. It’s a Labour blog in the same way Kiwiblog is a National blog, I guess, so it makes sense that they would fit more comfortably within the blogosphere now Labour is in Opposition. But The Standard is not yet required reading in the same way that Kiwiblog was during Labour’s final few years in government.

David Farrar’s comments. Whale comments twice, here and then here where he takes issue with the nihilistic description and claims to be an annilationist.

In the thread on Ms Watkins blog, Trevor Mallard writes:-

I read you Tracey though it is a long time between drinks sometimes. How come you didn’t critique either Frogblog or Red Alert both of which are must read to stay up with the play in any balanced sort of way.

Nice to see Trevor is not that busy.

Adam thinks that The Standard is not as good as Ms Watkins suggests, especially given the way moderation is often applied, especially if a comment does not fit with The Standard’s view point.

However, he was intrigued by Ms Watkins following comment:-

I read them on a professional basis and tune out completely when I’m in my own time. I’d rather be in the garden then sit over my computer searching out the latest political gossip. Which also makes me wonder whether there is much of a readership out there beyond those who, like me, have professional reasons to keep tabs on what political blogs say.

Or, as I suspect, do most people have better things to do with their time?

The issue of what sort of readership is out there, is the sort of implicit journalistic superiority statement which one might expect from the MSM, especially from a MSM blogger who comments but rarely.

In addition, unlike the print edition of a newspaper blogs are often read very widely. In the case of The Inquiring Mind over 60% of readership is from outside New Zealand. Adam suspects that the reality is that blog readers find blogs they are comfortable with and turn to them first, rather like following a particular newspaper columnist. For example Adam always tends to read Ms Watkins Saturday column in the DominionPost before anything else.

  1. 02/09/2009 20:31

    You might very well think that, but I could not possibly comment 🙂


  2. 02/09/2009 20:22

    And no mention of Inquiring Mind or MacDoctor! Doesn’t Ms. Watkins read the real quality blogs? No wonder she prefers gardening!



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