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CK + Whale = No Gotcha!


Oh Dear, Gotcha! has failed.

Well in the sense that Cactus has departed without having ever really consummated the liaison.

Rightly so in Adam’s humble opinion.

Gotcha! may have afuture, but the site seems plagued with issues and is user unfriendly.

To push a technically impaired site on us is not good .

The other bloggers at Gotcha!, Hmmmm

Spondre? – No Minister – a robust blog failed Spondre

Fried Sushi – abuse and vitriol does not a blog make and abusing Roarprawn from the off is not clever

  1. Colin Lucas permalink
    04/09/2009 10:00

    Spondre seems to have gone.

    Don’t like the new site format, mind you I didn’t like Whales earlier site either.

    Cactus is back to her best, which is good to see.


  2. Red Rosa permalink
    03/09/2009 19:41

    Always looked like a marriage made in hell.

    Just because you are on the same side of the fence, doesn’t make you paddock mates.

    Struggling for analogies. Thoroughbred mare and ageing bullock won’t quite do it.

    Carnivore and dinosaur?


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      03/09/2009 19:49

      Thoroughbred v Mongrel


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