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Quotation for Today, Thursday September 3


This is a dark day. From this morning, the manufacture and import of the 100-watt light bulbs that have lit our homes so effectively for more than a century will be banned. An unholy alliance of pettifogging Brussels bureaucrats and meddlesome environmentalists has decreed that only energy-saving bulbs will in future pass muster. They may be costlier, they may shed a dreary light, they may take an age to warm up and therefore be a health hazard for those unsteady on their feet who need to see where they are stepping – but none of this matters, for they are the future. Of course, it can only be a matter of time before a government agency is set up to police the usage of the low-energy bulbs and crack down on the inevitable black-market trade in the traditional variety. It will have to be called Oflight.

UK Telegraph September 1

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