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Never Work With Children Or Animals


Never Work With Children Or Animals, reputedly a saying much favoured by W C Fields.

It is one which Michael Laws either ignored or knew not.

His petulant response to the letters from some Otaki schoolchildren as compounded in subsequent utterings reveal his condescending and patronising attitudes to those who disagree with him.

Laws is of course the man who earlier this week in respect of the gang patch law hoped it would drive gangs out of Wanganui or Whanganui to other towns.

The childrens letters do appear somewhat similar and all reflect as Laws notes a tone of anger. It is to be hoped that the rather peculiar sentence construction and grammar is a fault of the translation and not an expression of the writers capability.

Yet Laws response is in a similar vein and brutal as well.

Yet if he had thought for a moment he would have realised that this is an argument he could not win, whether or not he was/is in the right. All he has done is make many see him as a brute and possibly racist. If, as he says, the children were put up to it; then he has played directly into the hands of the plotters.

Adam thinks Laws should have followed W C Fields sage advice. Perhaps Laws would rather be in Philadelphia!

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