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Adam’s Loser of the Week


David ‘Cunners’ Cunliffe, and his fellow travellers, for the damp squib that is the silly unofficial inquiry into the banks. The Big 4 fail to show up. Sam Knowles of Kiwibank fronts, but is equivocal and admits that KB may have to up rates. ASB trumps ‘Cunners’ by lowering rates late in the week. Oh and surprise, surprise, Knowles points out that banks seek to make profits, indeed maximise them. Just like the state owned power generators did for 9, 9 long years under Labour. Did we hear Cunners complaining then. No we did not.

Oh and BTW if Kiwibank is not seeking to maximise profits why is the SOE Minister not asking questions of the NZ Post and Kiwibank boards. Surely we as taxpayers and owners of Kiwibank want our investment to maximise profits. Else why do we own the thing.

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