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Adam’s Wally of the Week


Tom Scott - Dominion Post - 5 September

Tom Scott - Dominion Post - 5 September

No real surprise, after all he selected himself with his silly utterances and petulant behaviour.

The ever self delusional Michael Laws.

UPDATE:- Ed Snack’s comment below made Adam realise he had not spelt out why Laws is Wally of the Week.

Laws is Wally of the Week because he walked right into the mess and made it worse.

He could have ignored the letters, he could have responded slightly differently. He did not. Given that Laws is far from unintelligent, this makes Adam think Laws sought the controversy, but as Adam wrote yesterday Never Work With Children Or Animals; whatever, the rights and wrongs and indeed it is possible/probable the children were ‘steered’ in a certain direction, Laws comes off to many as being an intolerant redneck. Thus he is a wally, not for saying the children were egged on, but for choosing to appear to pick a fight with children.

  1. Ed Snack permalink
    06/09/2009 11:25

    Adam, I certainly appreciated the WCF reference, but I reckon Laws made gains amongst his base of voters and supporters, and those offended probably loathed him anyway. From his point of view, probably a win. He is a fairly skilled media practitioner too, he did make those interviewing him (TV and Radio) appear to be intolerant and one-eyed, although I thought he rather overdid the weary ennui sound a little.

    I just feel that “Wally” should apply to a lose-lose scenario, and I would dispute that this works against Laws where he wants it to work. Probably over 80% of Wanganui folks would support him in this matter.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      06/09/2009 11:30

      I support him over the ‘h’ issue, I agree as well that Maori should focus on and take responsibility for themselves. I think Laws would have done better to make his case to the children on the ‘h’ issue and not berate them on the family violence issue.

      He could have written to the teacher directly asking him/her what teaching was going on regarding those other issues.

      I think Laws potentially lost an opportunity to make a wider case, but he probably did achieve his ends in his voter constituency.


  2. Ed Snack permalink
    05/09/2009 14:07

    Here I have to utterly disagree. The Wally should be the teacher who set them up and the foolish children, did you actually read their prattish letters ?

    Then Laws was on TV being interviewed by Sainsbury, and he completely wiped the floor with him. Sainsbury came over as a vain, foolish man with preconceived ideas and no interest in finding out about the matter, but full of accusatory statements and loaded language.

    Nope, children who want to write in such a political way deserve to get blown off. It might teach them some humility and perhaps make them think a little about issues before writing letters.

    Tom Scott is my other Wally, his cartoons regularly take foolish political positions.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      05/09/2009 15:17


      As I posted yesterday Laws ignored W C Fields maxim ‘Never Work with Children or Animals’.

      I tend to think Laws may well be right over the teacher manipulating the children, but Laws is the Wally for falling into the trap.


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