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Fran on Lazarus


Amongst other matters Fran O’Sullivan notes the attempts by Lazarus to rise from the political grave. She even uses the term Lazarus. Well said Fran!

More to the point she notes how John Key is studiously ignoring Lazarus and seeking to deprive him of political oxygen

Fran comments on Lazarus’s faux Churchillian language and how the media in interviews soft pedalled and did not probe on various issues.

She acidly notes:-

we now know that the Peters’ party was – and possibly will again – be funded by his own clique of racing and fishing big shots

So much for the Churchillian bombast of:-

“Our task is to mobilise a political force to take back our country … there will be no mistakes, missed targets, or casualties from friendly fire.”

Lazarus – truly yesterday’s man

  1. 05/09/2009 21:25

    The current Morgan Poll that shows National up again came during the period when speculation of Winston rising was about.

    He may be serving as a useful reminder of whence we came.



  2. pdm permalink
    05/09/2009 19:27

    No mention of the outsatanding $158,000.


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