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Slapping is ‘felony cruelty’


This item was in the Dominion Post on Friday:-

Dominion Post - 4 September

Dominion Post - 4 September

Note that in Georgia slapping is a felony.

Roger Stephens - Gwinnett County Sheriffs Office

Roger Stephens - Gwinnett County Sheriffs Office

This is a photo of the alleged slapper. More detail here.

Seems they do not approve of slapping children in Georgia.

Perhaps Larry Baldock should not visit Georgia.

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    06/09/2009 14:53


    Just a bit of fun!

    Plus in Georgia they regard slaps/smacks as hits unlike Baldock.

    The problem with Baldock and others of his ilk like Wooden Spoon McCoskrie and Garth Vicars is they go so OTT that they piss people off


  2. Ed Snack permalink
    06/09/2009 11:51

    Yes, and under the old s59 in NZ this person would have been found guilty of assault as well, so your point is … ? I also don’t recall Baldock advocating that just anyone can slap (not smack, but slap) a child and expect that to be accepted. I suggest that you sail close to libel in suggesting that he does sugest open season on children, and I am surprised at your wanton misrepresentation of his point of view.

    Mind you, I am no supporter of Baldock who I believe is a remarkably poor advocate for his “side”. I rather liked the old s59 because it was flexible and allowed people to be judged, as I believe we once placed some store upon, by their peers. It allowed the practice of child discipline to evolve, and had (despite the best attempts at misrepresentation by its opponents) a remarkably low “miscarriage” rate. It represents a now nearly obsolete strand of the law, where people were trusted to judge their peers rather than be told how to behave by some morally superior human who has the power to enforce their viewpoint.

    And to perhaps go on too long, smacking or slapping a crying baby is a stupid form of “discipline” anyway, quite aside from the morality of such an act. You wouldn’t normally smack babies because they don’t associate smacks with behaviour, and so smacks would have no practical affect.


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