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The Dross Awards


Apparently TVNZ were big winners at last night’s Dross Awards. Adam should have been suspicious given the live coverage from the ‘red’ carpet on the 6 O’Clock Tittle-Tattle on TV One.

No doubt we shall have to put up with endless promos of the How Great We Art variety played on the airwaves along with self congratulatory press ads of how many Dross Awards were won by the state braodcaster.

Unbelieveably the 7:00 p.m. FarAway show won some award.

Frankly given their advantages over the competition it would be surprsing if they did not win Dross Awards. In fact given the paucity of media outlets the Dross Awards are an exercise in futility.

Full list of Dross Award winners

  1. showmethetaxcut permalink
    06/09/2009 13:09

    Presumably, Far Away won most useless and boring presenter of the year award?


  2. 06/09/2009 11:37

    Dross Awards – great name!

    I personally think of them as the Mutual Admiration Society (MAD) Awards.


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