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The Light Dawns – Reality Bites #76


Part of Adam reckons these posts are like buses, never there when you want them, but all of a sudden several come along at once. Then of course he realized, NZ lacks a decent transport system. Buses are always few and far between.

Partly true, but Adam suspects more because few have caught his jaundiced eye recently; but this one was a good one.

Letters to the Editor - DominionPOst - 5 September

Letters to the Editor - DominionPOst - 5 September

Adam is amazed that more people are not upset over teacher arrogance. On the other hand we have just suffered 9 years, 9 years of such arrogance.

Teachers should be held to account. The NZ Herald article today on maths teaching is very disturbing, especially when followed by this Radio Last Century’s item.

Why should teachers be immune from assessment.

Oh, how many teachers vote Labour?

Oh, how many teachers are Labour MPs?

Oh and why do we allow teachers to foist their opinions on young New Zealanders?

On the other hand peopel might say Adam was too liberal!

  1. Lucy permalink
    10/09/2009 09:43

    Spot on Adam.


  2. Adolf Fiinkensein permalink
    09/09/2009 19:29

    Peopel Will Say we’re In Love! de da de a de doo de doo doo doo.


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