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Armstrong on Goff


John Armstrong wrote an interesting piece in Friday’s Herald on what Phil Goff needs to do at this weekend’s Labour Party conference in Rotorua.

Yet Adam suspects that Armstrong suspects that Phil Goff will not succeed. as he wrote:-

So far, it has been difficult to discern much difference in Labour’s direction or emphasis since Goff took charge last November.

Sunday’s speech will be critical in changing that perception – and not before time. It will spell out Goff’s priorities as leader. There will be nothing earth-shattering.

So no vision, nothing to set the soul alight, in short not very much to get at all excited about.

Par for the course really.

Unlike John Key who comes across as a human being, Phil Goff has been termed Robo-Goff by some.

Turning up at the conference on a motorbike, really silly.

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