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Andrew Little attacks print media


Andrew Little, President of the NZ Labour Party and head of a major union, the EPMU, kicked off the Labour Party conference in Rotorua with an attack upon the print media.

He criticised the country’s three main daily papers for editorials supporting the Social Development Minister, Paula Bennett, after she revealed the details of two beneficiaries’ incomes. The women had made headlines for criticising government policy.

Mr Little called the editors who published the pieces “a disgrace” and said they had no place in an organisation such as the Commonwealth Press Union. He says the affair demonstrated how fragile freedom of speech is and what Labour is up against in trying to get balanced media commentary.

Well from memory one of the women had freely given details of her position on the internet and had also appeared in a Labour Party advert, hardly a non-political critic of Paula Bennett.

Let us remember that it was the Labour Party that sought to restrict free speech with the EFA. Further, it is stretching credibility to claim that Labour struggles to obtain balanced media commentary, when many would argue that the media tends to be biased to the left. Furthermore, whilst in government, Labour consistently sought to dominate media coverage.

Perhaps what Mr Little is complaining about is the fact that media coverage of Labour is poor. Well that may well be, because nobody is very much interested in what they have to say.

That and the fact that many of their attacks on National have a reek of desperation and the whiff of sour grapes about them. After all this is the party that desperately tried to find muck to fling at John Key in the 2008 election campaign and seems to think personal attacks are a substitute for policy.

Somehow, it seems that Andrew Little is, like so many in the Labour Party, still grieving for what was lost rather than looking to create a new future.

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  1. Jeff Walker permalink
    14/09/2009 15:43

    A classic example of agitprop. The MSM are so pro-Labour, and yet Little suggests they are against them. Incredible.


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