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Phil’s Gaffes #9: Goff would accept support from Lazarus


Phil Goff was interviewed on TVNZ’s Q&A this morning. Not overly impressive.

Fran O’Sullivan noted in her Herald article yesterday that amongst other things Goff and Labour should seek redemption for was their continued support of Lazarus (aka Winston Peters):-

Listing major areas where Labour should seek forgiveness she noted:-

He could follow that with another mea culpa for an even more egregious matter……..And the three-ring circus called Winston Peters that Labour continued to inflict on New Zealanders from ministerial heights long after journalists exposed the extent of his secret big-business backing.

So it was with considerable interest that Adam waited to hear Goff’s response to Guyon Espiner’s question as to whether Phil Goff would be prepared to form an administration which relied upon Winston Peters and NZ First. Goff did not rule such a possibility out.

This proves to Adam that neither Labour or Goff have learned anything. Clearly, if Goff is prepared to work with Lazarus to obtain power, he is not fit to be Prime Minister.

BBQ season is upon us.

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