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Quotation for Today, Monday 14 September


When the leaders meet in Pittsburgh on September 24-25, the last thing President Barack Obama wants is a discussion of his position on trade. He has so far managed to talk the talk of free trade while walking the protectionist walk that appeals to his trade-union backers. He would like to keep it that way.

Irwin Stelzer in The Times on Obama and his problems with trade. he refers to the forthcoming G20.

  1. 14/09/2009 16:12

    To date he had managed to appear to walk both sides of the street by speaking out of both sides of his mouth, usually via a surrogate when placating business.

    personally, my view is that he is a protectionist and thus a major danger.


  2. 14/09/2009 07:53

    Has he? I thought he was for some protectionism and recently passed a tariff on Chinese tires.


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