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Espiner on the ETS


Colin Espiner blogs on National’s deal with the Maori Party over the ETS. He reckons it is probably not a great ETS, but gives Key kudos for a politically astute deal.

Adam reckons National did not owe Labour anything, after all let us remember Labour rammed their ETS through in the last days of their regime.

Also there is a an odour of rank hypocrisy about Labour on this issue, they preached to the world ob climate change, but did absolutely nothing for 9 years and presided over a huge increase in emission rates.

Even this so called ‘bad scheme’ goes further than many other industrialised countries. Though the Greens still wish to condemn NZ to penury.

  1. Sally permalink
    17/09/2009 18:31

    The Emissions Tax Schemes aren’t designed to save the planet, they’re about controlling everyone on the planet. I question the Prime Minister’s motives in his latest decision


  2. canuckiwi01 permalink
    17/09/2009 00:55

    Interesting. Recently speaking with a colleague working at UNDP- she noted that when GLNZ took the reins as the Great Administrator she sent a very terse note to the troops (apparently much less waffly and ‘visionary’ than previous department heads), simply indicating that ‘climate change will now be the UNDP’s No. 1 priority….’ I wondered aloud to her (not to GLNZ, to my friend) if a) she forgot she was with UNDevelopmentP and not UNEnvironmentP, and b) if she would this time (as opposed to her Clayton’s promise here in NZ) actually be able to do something more than talk about it, seeing the UN is so flush with cash… which provoked some guffaws…


  3. 16/09/2009 21:54

    Great ETS is an oxymoron but this one is less damaging than the one it will replace.


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