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92 and Number 1


At 92 she is No 1 on the charts, Dame Vera Lynn, God Bless Her

Adam’s parents who lived through the War always liked this song. In fact it is not that bad.

Suspect it has tapped into a desire for Britain to be Great once again.

  1. Sally permalink
    05/10/2009 22:30

    Sorry Adam I addressed you incorrectly. Got a little confused where I was.


  2. Sally permalink
    05/10/2009 22:16

    FFM-Not sure about your reasons. but a couple of hours ago I had a call from a person very close to me, who has been struggling for a long time to make ends meet. She said that she has never felt so low, more worried about her family, and other folk are saying the same they have the same sort of feelings. This person (only 61) thinks she should be putting money aside to pay for her funeral expenses.

    I think Vera Lynn’s “We’ll meet again” is a song of hope and I daresay that there are many folk throughout the world are desparately looking for signs of hope.



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