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The right road to 2025?


Claire Browning has an interesting post at Pundit on the path to success, she considers whether our current focus on GDP is necessarily appropriate.

Not sure if Adam agrees, but the argument is interesting.

  1. 04/10/2009 18:20

    One example of course would be the Greens and that is a road I have no wish to travel or at least not on their basis

    Your comment JC as always is much appreciated, I half suspected you would make a typically relevant comment


  2. 04/10/2009 14:44

    The writer missed the obvious about NZ, ie, it has been measuring its success and development “by the road less travelled” for the last decade and to a lesser extent for the last 40 years. The measure of success for those non GDP items like home cooking, caring for family and so on will be determined directly by the amount of goods, services and/or money coming into the home from some external source.

    For the past decade we’ve paid for these items off some export dollars (the external source) and borrowing.

    Its all very well talking about the Europeans looking to rebalance.. but they already have a much more viable export scenario than we do.. and can afford to look inwards.. we can’t.



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