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Venal and Hypocritical Greens


Adam is not pro – green. He has blogged about their venality before.

Many seem to have forgotten how they managed the system to get Red Russel into Parliament to maximise their funding and save their own money.

Also let us not forget their many trips to Auckland during the Mt Albert by-election, it would be very interesting to know what they paid for as opposed to the taxpayer!

This latest epeisode over their over claiming of expenses and their all too cute supe fund arrangement is yet another example of how they preach one thing and do another.

In Adam’s opinion they are a group of venal troughers who manipulate the system and then have the unmitigated gall to complain about others.

Adam thinks the word he is looking for is ‘Hypocrite’.

They have no right to claime any moral leadership whatsover.

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