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Quotation for Today, Monday October 12


Unintended consequence #1: Obama’s mantra is that the US is not special. But the Nobel Committee considers the US to be so important that they’ve now given three peace prizes to American politicians in the last eight years. Odd way to demonstrate the rest of the world’s importance. Unintended consequence #2: by favoring the man who refused to give any significant support to hundreds of thousands of heroic Iranian dissidents, the Nobel Committee’s signaling to Iran’s leadership that they have a free hand. Odd way to further human rights. Unintended consequence #3: by trying to limit our options regarding both Iran’s nuclear program and the war in Afghanistan, the Nobel Committee is making an Israeli pre-emptive strike and an escalation of the Afghan conflict much more likely, not less. Is this really worth the chance to (as one Nobel committee member reportedly put it) yet again, for the third time in eight years, “kick Bush in the shins”?

Comment on George Packer’s New Yorker Blog regarding Obama and the Nobel Prize

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  1. tommoriarty permalink
    12/10/2009 10:18

    Check out the President’s reaction when he learned that he had won the Nobel Prize.

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